A quick little update on my final show:

it's happening.

I'm distancing myself from it as much as is possible by not talking about it or showing my stuff to people.  Maybe I'm protecting myself or something.  whatever the case, it just feels easier that way.  But despite my distancing, it is happening.  I set up on thursday but have decided to have a show closing instead of an opening (is that weird?) my main reason for doing a closing instead of an opening is that I want to shower and make myself somewhat presentable and I figured if I give myself a week after setting up, I'm bound to have showered at least once (hopefully).  The closing will be Thursday January 24th from 6-9pm, in case you want to mark your calendars or something. :)

In a day or two I wont have any choice but to accept the fact that this precious little thing that I've spent so much time and energy on will be out of my hands.  (yes, since i have no dog, and no littles, my art is my baby).  "Did I prepare it enough?"  "Will the other art be nice to it?" yes. i'm kind of freaking out.  Would you mind sending some positive energy my way?  Thanks :)


*photo: instagrammed study wall from my studio.