It's officially my last semester of classes as an undergrad!!  And despite my OCD organizational ways, my schedule is totally out of whack, two separate class conflicts, waiting lists on 3 classes I need....ya know....a true nightmare. I'm doing little to mend the problem right now since my main focus is preparing for my final BFA show (which is next week!! eek!) I go back and forth from feeling so extremely excited and ready to completely horrified.  This morning I'm excited :)  I spent last night with my su-artist (aka: my mom) dying 7 1/2 yards of silk.  It's my largest and most costly work yet and I LOVE IT.

Good luck with your first day back at school!


photos by Kristina Curtis, a few Autumns back


  1. Good luck with school. I love the photos and I love your blog. Would you like to follow each other?

    Much Love,

  2. The beginning of the semester when you're figuring out your schedule is STRESSFUL. I swear I had anxiety attacks every semester until the add/drop deadline.

  3. My mom is my su-artist as well. Seriously nothing would be accomplished without her. Thank goodness for living close to family right?