Christmas was wonderful this year.  We spent it hopping back and forth between our families, ya know "second breakfast, second dinner" style.  (speaking of, was I the only one confused when the hobbit ended?! two more movies?! sheesh.)  oh, and I fell off my vegan wagon and ate butter-everything our traditional apple-sauce-puffs, apple pie, and MASHED POTATOES! and it's been worth every tummy ache!  We got spoiled by our parents with big kid toys: a food processor and a scary looking blender that is smarter than me.  oh, and a head lamp; that santa is so practical ;).  We gave homemade gifts: scarfs for all the girls and ties for all the men.  And the plan was to go simple on gifts for each other, but brandon broke them and spoiled me too and now I'm just plain rotten.  Besides the cardinals hat I got for Brandon, his favorite gift was a "white christmas", he seriously can't stop talking about it.  Neither of us ski or snowboard, but snow just seems to make sense on Christmas (and it promises for a greener summer which means camp fires! yippee!)  and would you even believe it's almost the new year?
crazy stuff.

hope you had a very merry Christmas!!