facts and confessions

I'm taking 18 credits this semester.
I should maybe be freaking out more?

I've purged of my closet and belongings.
(my annual summer yard sale has been postponed to become an even cooler yard sale with cooler people than I resulting in cooler crap to buy.  I'll let you know the when where and whats later.)
it feels so good.

I haven't experienced death.
I've been to 2 viewings, President Gordon B. Hinckley's and my High School Janitor's wife's.
I'm scared for this next decade.

I bought a couch.
Like, literally 30 minutes ago.
I think that makes me an adult.

I miss my brother and sister.
They live in NY.
I miss NY too.

Sometimes Brandon and I share a toothbrush.
cause sometimes I keep forgetting to buy new ones.
And sometimes, I don't even think it's gross.

I think my Aunt Judy and Uncle Carl are some of the best people on earth.

I might maybe kinda start a style blog.
(I refuse to call it a fashion blog)

I've been vegan for a few weeks.
It would be hard except...it's not.
especially cause Brandon makes me yummy stuff like thai peanut seitan.

I want to do something drastically crazy with my hair.
like bleach it blonde.
don't tell brandon.

I believe that rain is the best of all weathers.

I've been reading poetry lately.

I promised Brandon I would learn the pedal steel if he let me be in his band.

I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning: wake-up-smoothie!
-1 frozen banana
-a good pour of heavy pulp non concentrate orange juice
-a hefty splash of pure carrot juice
sooooooooooo good

I can't sleep.  again.
any tips?

Brandon took these photos of me and I hadn't the slightest clue till I developed a role.
he's a snake and I love him.


  1. I love this post. But I don't know how you share a toothbrush. I could NEVER do that.

  2. i feel like we could be the best of friends. we are like the same person. Poetry recommendations: Robert Frost. Love the heck out of his stuff.

  3. Please do start a style blog!
    This was so beautifuk.

  4. Ha, sometimes Steven and I share a toothbrush, which is ok with me, but I always insist on using it first.

    Also, I always wish I was brave enough to have a style blog. You totally should.

  5. haha, the toothbrush thing, it doesn't gross me out, whoops. when we share i'm fine with it.

    i really want to change my hair, i'm thinking some straight across bangs, but i'm afraid, i also want to dye it, but i'm scared. lol. its just so gosh dang hot here my hair ends up in a bun by the end of the day anyways, maybe come fall.

    also, ee cummings, hes great.


  6. Claire, thanks for the comments. We miss you so much. Sometimes it doesn't seem so far away when I can read your blog or skype with people. Then sometimes it seems worlds away when we know we can't just stop by anytime. Love you lots.

  7. oh claire i love you and seeing what you are up to on your blog! oh and i think you were born in the wrong century haha