whenever it rains, my mom texts me "it's raining for you".  i've always preferred rain over shine.  rain makes me think.  I don't wake up on sunny days and think "it's sunny" I don't reflect on myself and my happenings because the sun comes up.  But when it rains, it's like I slow down.  The good kind of slowing down.  The kind where I think about thinking.  The kind where my thoughts aren't all a jumble and hurried, I take the time to really think.  

sometimes thinking doesn't lead to any real phenomenal thing, sometimes thinking is just thoughts.  

today I thought about my new grown up job.  I thought about how summer has turned into something I wasn't expecting.  I thought about how I work.  a lot.  I thought about yoga, and how I'd like to start that up again.  I thought about cleaning and the talk I haven't written yet (that I give tomorrow in church).  I thought about Brandon, and how he is so much stronger than I ever knew.  I thought about babies and moving and my family's ranch that I haven't visited in way too long.  I thought about progress, and how I seem to be making some without even thinking about it.

*the grapevines in my backyard. film.