grand opening

I finally opened shop!  I've been selling these bows, along with my hand-bound journals and some other treats at my local farmers market and have had such a fun time doing so.  Many people asked if I had a shop and all I could refer them to was my blog, promising I'd open shop soon.  Well today's the day!  

shop Belle and Whistle is officially on etsy!
(though it's official title there is thebellewhistle...my name was already taken :( hopefully it doesn't confuse things too much)

(of few of my personal favorites)

I'd really appreciate it if you'd mosey on over to the shop and take a look!  Let me know what you think.  (is it easy to navigate? photos and descriptions clear?) I'm so new to this, I'd appreciate any feedback you could give me.  And as a thank you to being my blogging family, I'm offering 20% off your entire purchase for the next two weeks!  use the promo code "bowbowbow" at checkout.
Spread the word!  

I'll be posting my journals, jewelry, stationary, and these beauties (below) over the next several weeks so keep checking the shop for updates!  I'll also be hosting a few giveaways and sharing a photo shoot on all the fun ways you can wear these bows. :)

now go check out the shop and tell me what you think!

(thanks for bringing that to my attention meg!) 

I only had to talk to a dozen robots to figure out the problem (okay...some weren't robots, but they sounded like them....I miss the good old days when you called a number and a human being answered....)  And of course it was some rare problem they'd never had before (I have a history of breaking computers with my mind...without even trying) and I had to get a tiny bit sassy but it's all fixed.
so there you have it :)