Just a quick little hello! Big things have happened in the last few weeks. The biggest: we moved! The second biggest: I accidentally dropped all my spring classes (panic!) and decided it was for the best which means for the first time in a long time I HAVE A SUMMER! This change of space and routine have me in the brightest of spirits. Our new place is a dream! We've been painting like crazy (we say "NO!" to periwinkle and hannah montanna pink). And I'm finally back to my "a place for everything and everything in it's place" ways. Did I ever mention how difficult it was to have two artists (aka collectors of large items neither one is willing to part with) live in 300 sq. feet? Well it was just that: hard. But with a little touch of romantic on the side. though that romance of the old place flew out the window (one of MANY) when we realized it takes more than a few steps to get from our bed to our kitchen & with a door in the way no less! Oh the luxuries! in other happenings, I've been busy busy with photoshoots! Lovely brides and excited seniors! (message me @ cathorley(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to come play with me and henrie (the newest member of my cam-family)) and passing another kidney stone (meh) luckily I've got a lot to distract me from that little bugger. **photo of the "cupboard" (old place), 2 years ago, right after we finished scraping grim off the walls (it was disgusting). I always talked about how I'd do a home tour and never got around to it...I still have some photos that I'll share in this space for personal remembrance. soon. :)