I am a mother

For some reason this mother's day felt personal.  I'm no more pregnant than I was last year, but it's like something clicked inside of me at church when the man speaking said "mother's, I'm talking to you".  I perked up a bit and paid attention.  

Of course I said my "I love you"s to the mothers in my life.  To my own mother, who is my closest friend and outside of my husband, knows me better than anyone, and always always listens.  To my mother-in-law who is a mother to me not due to the boy that legally makes us family but because of the love and acceptance she's shown me.  I said I love you's to my grandmother's, all unique and wonderful in their own way.  And then I said a sort of "I love you" to myself.  I'm so proud to be a woman.  I so proud to be a nurturer.  I'm so grateful to be a mother.  And though I don't have children of my own I still feel that mother's day was for me too.  Because I am a woman and a nurturer, I am a mother.  And of all the titles in the world, I think I'll bare that one with the most pride.

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