like a kid again

i'm getting old. it's evident from the changes all around me. My brother and his wife, Brittany, will be moving away at the end of the summer, doing big grown up things. Although I'm sooo excited for them (and crossing my fingers they move to NY cause i'll take any excuse to visit) i'm sad to see them go. And a bit scared, cause I know big things like moving out of the state are just around the corner for Brandon and me.

Perhaps it's because of all this growing up, or maybe just cause I have the coolest mom (yes, I said coolest) but we went all out this Easter. We used our Easter baskets from childhood. Mine with the little yellow chicks painted on. We went hunting high and low all over the yard. And in true hunt tradition, my mom had the most clever spots to hide the bootie, my brother scored the most treats and I the least and we afterwards we divvied them up just to be "fair".

and of course my mom found a few eggs we missed the next morning ;)