today I took my vitamins and didn't even complain. I got to school late but was prepared for the day, which rarely happens (the prepared part that is, the late part is a regular occurrence). I had an "ah-ha" moment in one of my classes and savored it. And then, as I was walking home I cried. kind of a sad pathetic cry. One where my hands were too full to wipe the tears and I hoped for the life of me I just looked "cold" or something. And it wasn't a big deal really. It was short lived. and somewhat therapeutic. I don't know exactly why I was crying but if I were going to try and shrink myself I'd say "self, you are just realizing you are human. because you are human you can laugh one second and cry the next and both acts can be true. yes, because you are human you will realize you are not perfect, and you may think that all the work you do is in vain. But it's not. you are growing and you are feeling and you are living. And sometimes crying is just your way of realizing all of these things. Just don't let it last too long, cause that probably wouldn't be healthy." And then I'd shake self's hand and think "man, she's good".

*mountain diptych from my walk this morning


  1. you're not only human but your a girl. i wish i could explain why i have cried so many times. but i can't. i'm just a girl. sweet post :)

  2. I just found your blog and i love it, and I´m your new follower.

  3. Love this Claire! And I miss working with you :)