I met a bee today.
he was sitting on my backpack strap at 6:30 this morning. (a backpack that hasn't been used in a week at least.) I wonder how long he's been there. Perhaps he's been snuggling with us every night this odd winter, or maybe he snuck through the holes in the floor.
whatever the case, I admire him for his determination to live.

I set him free in the snowy morning, he didn't fight me for it, and wished him a long and happy bee life.

that, and a good chat about making un-complicated art, were the highlights of my day.


p.s. tomorrow is a special day, just incase you forgot. I'm off to thrift some vinyls for brandon. Wish me luck!


  1. I did not have as pleasant a conversation with the big, black FLY that was on my ceiling. No, I did not. Hope you found some sweet vinyls!