a very swell giveaway

You know when you find some great treasure and you kinda/sorta want to be selfish and keep it all to yourself? But then you start to feel guilty cause it's just too good not to share?!

yeah, I have one of those little gems for you today:

Jordan McKell has been a lifelong friend of mine. We grew up in the same neighborhood and our birthdays are just a day apart, so we'd always have a double party together (coolest parties on the block I might add!). Well she's got this special talent, nah, it's more like a GIFT. She does hair. And she does an amazing job! and {excuse me while I mini brag here} I've never had more compliments on my hair IN MY LIFE than from my last visit with her. When I ran out of the stack of her business cards and began writing her contact on napkins or books or movie tickets for complete strangers (true stories), I knew I had to share her with you blogging friends.


and guess what?
Jordan's offering 25% off one cut&style to one lucky reader!

to enter, leave a comment below! It's just that easy :)
(open to all Utah county residents, or anyone willing to travel to Orem Utah)

I'll randomly pick a winner on Monday .

can't wait?

call her NOW and schedule an appointment:

Jordan McKell
Amara Salon
870 N 980 W
Orem, UT 84057

I trust her with my life, I trust her with my hair. and lets be honest, thats a scary thing to do! Finding the right stylist is sooo hard! A bad hair cut can ruin the way you feel about yourself. But a great one? A great haircut makes you feel like a rockstar. That's how I feel when I get my hair done by Jordan, I walk away with my head held a little higher and more confidence in my stride. Oh, and I can't help but catch my reflection in every shiny object around..... :)

anyway, good luck!



  1. ahhh.
    please. please. please. please.

  2. Hi! I'm a new reader and I need a good haircut SO badly. This would be wonderful. :)

  3. i kind of want to enter just because i'm basically sure i won't win and i'm too afraid to let anyone do anything with my hair.

    i've been letting it grow out for over a year and a half and it's still not as long as i want it.

    and i love the color of it... the natural highlights and everything. it takes a piece out of me every time i go in for a trim even if it's only 1/4 an inch...

    but enter me anyway?

  4. Hello! I recently found your blog and I LOVE your hair. This giveaway sounds fabulous!

  5. ooh! pick me! I'm in dire need of a cut, and I've been wanting to play around with a melt.

  6. the color of your hair... seeeriously just gets me. i'm envious. and would die to win this. and i'm the girl that totally left you a borderline creepy comment about it on instagram once... and also, my hair is in dire need of a good cut. pick me, pick me!

  7. obviously i need a good haircut and color....


    check it

  8. a good haircut? sign me up! i'm in one of those hate-my-hair-in-every-way kind of phases but i haven't found anyone i trust to make it wonderful.

  9. oooh pick me pick me because hello you're hair is awesome and don't we all just deserve that:)

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