facts and confessions

I always heard of girls crying their way out of tickets and thought "yeah, I can do that". And the other night, I had my first chance ever. Thats right, 22 years: pristine driving record {almost} ruined by my naivety. I forgot/(never got the reminder in the mail) to re-register my car. tears were shed, hands were shaking, officer was the sweetest guy ever. I drove away with a stern warning and a few self inflicted slaps on the wrist.

I played hooky today. well, actually I was feeling a bit under the weather (perhaps mentally more than anything else) and called it a sick day. A sick day that I spent re-registering my vehicle. vehicle is the weirdest word ever, just look at it: vehicle. I'm a little disappointed I've let school stress get to me so early in the semester...

B has been working a lot of extra graveyards at the hospital which means we RARELY ever see each other. I even slept at my parents two nights since I was so lonely. Today was his day off, we packed a weeks worth of laughs to make up for lost time.

we've been on a plant-based diet for 5 days now. I might talk more about this later, but probably not. alls I can say is happy happy tummies over here!

we only see movies when they come out in the dollar theater (unless we can bum off our parents). Tonight we saw moneyball, and snuck our vegan treats in with my oversized purse. Brad Pitt is brilliant.

In the past month I've quit one job and gained another. Was released from one church calling and got another (that I'm soooo excited about). And gained another year+ of school that I hadn't planned on but am very grateful for.

and now you know.


  1. You made my day!
    One of my favorite sounds is hearing you and B laughing.

    P.S. How many young married couples have a fireplace in their bedroom?

  2. why haven't i seen you lately??? well i am sad you are not working with me anymore but happy because serving is worst sometimes. and very happy that you are staying in school for another year because that means we'll be neighbors for another year. and what is your new calling? and i heard you were in kind of an accident last week and are you ok? and can you tell we need to get together and catch up? well seriously, let's do that soon! and no i'm not organizing my thoughts at all!