I made I gif. And when I say "I", I mean Brandon. Brandon and I are opposites in many ways, but we are alike in that we are both artists. A lot of people ask me how that is, "an artist married to an artist" sometimes it can be a challenge, like agreeing on a paint color, but during finals week it's a straight up blessing. I just say "here's a bunch of photos I'd like made into a gif" and voila! presto-magic-husband makes my wildest dreams come true! I could tell you that this gif is actually art and you may not believe me. So right now I'll just say it is what it is. Maybe someday I'll tell you more.

Isn't it kinda cool though? maybe? or maybe I'm just overly excited that I (husband) made my first gif and it's blinding me from the reality of the un-coolness of it.

my words are all a jumble.
it's finals week.

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