as of late

I've have about 10 drafts in my box that could have been published this last week. Do any of you do that? I'd write something, get distracted by who knows what, and then when I'd come back to it the next day it wasn't current anymore, at least to me, so it didn't make sense to publish it. Instead, I did this. Which kind of explains my life as of late. Lots and lots and lots of work.

but here's a small recap, here's what's been on my mind:

I entered one of my favorite personal works into an art show yesterday. It's weird how my work becomes my baby. This particular baby I have protected and kept to myself. Maybe I do that because I'm still too attached, because it's still doing what it needs to do for just me, or maybe I'm just too protective. I'm scared for this little part of me to go out into the big world (meaning my campus/community) did I prepare it enough? Will the other art be nice to it? (ha....this is why we don't have kids yet. I'm too busy babying my art). I know that the chances of my work being selected for this show are pretty slim, but I'm proud of myself for pushing it in that direction. It's the first work I've felt I'm saying something about myself that others can relate to. Basically, it's the first work that really means something.

I got a job as a waitress. I don't care for it much for a bajillion reasons. I've already cried, correction, BAWLED in front of a customer. It was horrible. maybe I'll share the story, but probably not. I have to remind myself how lucky I am to even have a job (and two at that!). Someday when I'm more heated up about it (it depends on the night) I'll do a little "tipping 101" guide on here. Apparently Utah doesn't know how that all works...

PHOTOS! I'm so desperately behind on posting my work here. I'm in the process of creating another blog/website for my photography work and that will hopefully make things a bit easier. In the meantime I've got a few weddings and other business to share! stay tuned! And for those who have inquired, I still do photo work, contact me at cathorley@gmail.com for rates. Also, this blog has needed a little TLC for some time, bring your hard hats.

giveaway: I recently read something that said "the easiest way to see if you are a person of your word is to think of the last few promises you made, if you've done them, you are a person of your word!" since the house still isn't clean and my homework still isn't done that that darn giveaway SILL hasn't happened, I'm thinking I need to work on this one. Here is a promise though: it will happen. And it will be better and bigger than ever :)

I'm going on a big trip to one of my favorite places in the world!!! more on this later :)

Fall: I'm loving it! I went on a mini walk yesterday and gathered some lovely leaves for a little shoot I did. It's funny how the season where everything is dying feels the most renewing to me. I love the rain, I love the colors, I love this time of year!

now I'm going to post this silly picture-less thing before I change my mind!


  1. I have 73 drafts in my draftbox. Don't worry.

  2. I am so in love with your blog. I also love that you're from Utah. I don't know where you work, but if I did and you were my waitress, I would definitely tip you. I always do. :)


  3. The problem with people not tipping is that people always think you can do a better job that your perfect 100 percent. Keep a stiff upper lip. But truly customers can suck.