yesterday, two years ago

labor day, two years ago, B and I were rookies to true love.
we had only been dating a few weeks (okay, not even two) when I decided we should trek to the spiral jetty and make a gigantic day date out of it.
this day trip was important. in fact, it was monumental.
We learned a lot about each other on the long drive there and back. We learned a lot while we got lost. I learned a lot as we sat there side by side in a car, barely speaking. I was surprised how I was comfortable with the silence, that I didn't feel any pressure to speak. It felt like we were friends once before, some long time ago, and we were just picking up where we left off. it was all so comfortable. After a long day of driving, little words, enjoying each other's presence, and experiencing some amazing art, we said I love you for the first time.

labor day will always mean a little something more to me.
hope yours was nothing short of lovely.


p.s. you win! the give-away must go on! Hopefully I'll get everything going in the next few days before I leave town, if not....early next week for sure :)
p.p.s. I pinky promise I'll do a photo giveaway soon!