first day of school

When I got home from my first class today, Brandon asked what this semester is going to be like. I responded "more doing, less hesitation." This semester will be my hardest yet. Not because I'm taking 18 credits. Not because my classes are all seemingly "advanced". But because I'm going to work harder than ever before. Because I want to be somewhere I'm not. I want to be someone as an artist. And getting there is going to take a lot of work. The weirdest part about today: I wasn't mad to be back in school after only 2 weeks of summer. I was happy and grateful. I'm paying for this. I want this. If I didn't want this I could stop at any time. My degree is not my motivation. My development as a human being is what matters most to me, and school is helping shape me.

*photo taken in the HFAC in front of a student show: Reflectology by Amber Rogers. check it out.


  1. That was so inspiring. I'm in school too taking eighteen credit hours. It's nice to know another blogger is in the same boat is me. Good luck! xo, rv


  2. You look darling!

  3. P.S. Do you mind sharing where you found that top?

  4. the top is a mens denim button up from GAP last year. B is always making fun of me (I shop GAP mens, kids, even maternity!)