one year has gone by

a lot of it was bliss.
a lot of it was tough.
all of it was love.

and a bunch is just a blur.
kinda like these photos.

i'm so grateful I have this little blog to document B's and my relationship lest I forget all the details that tell our story. Because, after all, it's the details that make the story worth while.

from the moment i knew I loved him to the very day I told him so. so much of it is here. some hidden, little memos to remind just me, like little secrets. Much of it blatant, to share.

for that I am grateful.


P to the S: the giveaway I keep spreading rumors about is certainly true. it is coming. i promise. but after a weekend of pure vacation laziness, I'm having a hard time dealing with harsh reality (aka school work school work laundry). you understand right?

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