the men in my life

I'm so lucky to have amazing men in my life. Happy fathers day to my 4 favorites:

Poppy: dearest dad, thanks for raising me to love nature and to love God. thanks for teaching me to be productive, work hard, make goals and accomplish them. thank you for being proud of my life, for pushing me and supporting me. I knew I had to marry someone as good as you, I just couldn't settle.

Daddy Gene: boy did I get lucky with In-laws! I love you and your constant example to me. You have such amazing faith in God. You have made me feel so important in your life and family. You raised one heck of a boy and I'll forever be grateful for that. He is soo good to me and I know its because he spent 23 years watching his dad.

Dane {brother}: I've always wanted to be "just like you". you are so brave with life, you set your mind to the seemingly impossible and you accomplish it. Thank you for being everything that a big brother should be. You'll make one heck of a dad someday to your dozens of adopted Korean babies :) I miss you and Brit already.

Brandon: I love you more than I ever knew I could love a person. You are my life. I know the thought of our own babies kinda scares the poo out of us but someday, when the time comes, I know you'll be the most amazing father. You'll raise our kids to dream big and to love all the little things in life. You'll support them and love the guts out of them because thats what you do for me. I knew early on (embarrassingly early on) that I loved you, that I wanted you to raise a family with, that I wanted you forever.

the greatest thing about the men in my life is that although they are "mine" their love extends far beyond family. they are father-like figures and examples to everyone they come across. They would all lay down their life for me just as easily as they would for a neighbor or a complete stranger. They are just plain good people and I'm so blessed to get to share them with the world.

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  1. You are one lucky girly! Glad I share some of those men!