a tribute: August Sanders

last semester I took a modern art class. the class part of it was great: i'd show up, {without doing my reading} sit next to my good friend, brooke, BS a quiz {before you lose all hope in me because i BS my art quizzes, let me remind you that art is subjective, they were easy :) i always got full credit} and then i'd sit for 3 hours while my amazing professor made witty remarks about artwork, slide after slide. and then i'd go home and brag to B about all the new knowledge i just gained and try and throw out artsy fartsy terms (all of which he already knew. humph).
class was great.
and then there were these two tests that were pretty crappy but if you know me, you know my all time low is a 27%, i'm pretty easy to please with test scores...

and then there was this paper.
this really loooooonnnnnnnnnng paper.
that i complained about.
and procrastinated on.
and therefor didn't give it my all.
which is never a good feeling.
especially when it could have been so good.
and should have been so good.
it was on August Sanders, an amazing pioneer in street-style photography who is famous for his collective portrait work called Face of Our Time. It consisted of 60 portraits and was to give a synoptic view of German Society, organized into both professional and nonprofessional groups, including the Farmer, the Skilled Tradesman, the Woman, Classes and Professions, the Artists, the City, and the Last People (those who were mentally and physically ill).
don't worry, i'll spare you my mediocre 10 pg. paper.
after all, a picture is worth a thousand words

so here's to you August! I'm sorry I wrote such a lousy paper about you. You deserve so much more. But I think you can relate, I'd much rather have a camera say what I can't:

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  1. Those are beautiful. The two little girls could be grandma Corbett and aunt Gretchen.