I'm a softie

and the lucky winner{s) are:

Samantha said...

i would love to win this! not for me, but for my sister. she is a senior this year and it would be the best present ever! so i would pretty much be the best sister ever! and you're such a good photo taker so it'd be great!

meg. said...

count me in.

I decided last second that two give-aways are much better than one :) basically I'm a softie, if I could give away photo-shoots left and right I would, but a girl's gotta eat. For those who entered the giveaway, I'm offering $10 off for senior photo shoots {must take place before end of june} so everyone's a winner!! woot woot!

B and I had a blast on our river run! We came home late last night, sunburnt & beat and a tad under the weather {aka: potential kidney stone }. But I've got loads of photos/stories to share :) stay tuned



p.s. Samantha & Meg: contact me and start praying for prettier weather!!


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