husband has been gone for the past two days
{camping with his men-friends}
and i'm dying!
i miss him all sorts of crazy.
it's like i don't know how to function without him.

needy much?
oh yes indeed.
i need him very very much.

i need him to wake me up in the morning so I don't miss my class {oops}
to remind me to take my vitamins so i don't drain-out in the middle of the day
to send me little "love you baby" texts so i can get through my 3 hr long classes
to tickle my face at night before we go to sleep
to snuggle me in the morning so i start the day out right
to remind me to eat, and to eat healthy
to model his hot body for me so i can finish my figure drawing homework.
and i need to tell him i love him and hear he loves me back.

i am needy.

which, in all honesty, is a humbling experience for me. I use to pride myself in being so independent, but loving someone has taught me to lean on them and trust them entirely, that it is OK to need.

i miss you.
come back home so i can kiss your scruffy mountain man face!


  1. What a great capo in that picture.

  2. sigh...If he is camping, I wish I was with him too.

  3. that last comment was me (Dane), not Brit

  4. Hutch's Blog: Ha, Why thank you.

    (Dane): We should be mountain men sometime with your dad when you get back from Korea, eh?

    Clairy: I love you so very much, and I missed you too. Like crazy, in fact. I think I've become a bit needy as well...