"my little scholar"

I really probably should have checked my schedule before I promised a weeks worth of wedding wonder....

It's the second to last week of school
& I've worked 35 hours in the last 4 days.
not the week to promise blog posts.

But today is FRIDAY
no school
no work
I finally caught up on all my REMs and slept in till 12:18. yes.
{thats only semi typical of me, B and I stayed up super late last night laughing and giggling. He is a hoot}

speaking of last night:
I got a scholarship.
which is kinda a big deal considering it's ME we are talking about here, not some scholar. and the concept of people giving me money cause they believe I'll do great things because of it is just foreign. But now, I'm feeling some sort of crazy motivation to do this scholarship justice. I feel the need to create some mighty-fine art. much easier said than done {realized} but now my desire is more than intrinsic. this will be good for me.

hey MIL (mom-in-law) thanks for the photos! I'm glad I forgot to put my lens on auto, I like them all blurry like :)

grateful there are ART scholarships out there since SMART scholarships are way beyond me.
-little scholar
(B's new nick-name for me)

p.s. maybe expect some wedding diaries later? no promises though. I might just sleep the day away dreaming up art ideas. cause yes, they often come in dream form.