Hey Friends!

I have been listening to Wilco all morning.
{oh the music B has introduced me to....}
dancing and cleaning and such.
and I'm just about to reward myself with one of my favorite treats:

a little outing to my favorite thrift/antique stores
{on the hunt for valentines treasures!
I still need to get something for my man! eek!}

wish me luck :)

But before I head out, I have a matter to discuss.
My biggest goal for 2011 is to be brave and try new things!
this of course includes new things on the blog

I'm thinking of trying a few new things:
photo features
show & tell of all my thrifty finds
mix tapes: playlists of B's and my favorite tunes

but really I want to know what YOU like.
what posts do you enjoy reading the most?
do you have any fantastic ideas?

Please let me know via email

This whole blogging thing is a good outlet for me. It started out as just a way to journal my life but I'm amazed at the doors it's opened and the friendships I've made! I hope to continue with that momentum: more doors to be opened and more friendships to made! That being said, if you have any collaborative ideas or giveaways you'd like to host on the blog let me know!

I love you guys.
is that weird?

well I do!


P.S. hurry up! this giveaway ends soon!