a lovely monday

I hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

{it was the best one I've had in a LONG time}

Lovely fall colors.
nippy air.

{FYI nippy must be a real word, since it didn't show up underlined in red like half the words I just typed}

And wasn't it such a lovely Monday (not typical for mondays if you ask me). But somehow today was. Maybe it was the crisp air that met me on my walk to school. Or the fact that my arms are finally getting strong enough to carry all my art supplies without panting. Or was it the amazing storm!? Or the dozens of lovey dovey texts my husband sent me during class :) Or maybe it was because i'm catching up in all my classes! And that I finally realized how to alter darts in my sewing class. Or that my art project turned out to be a success. Or that I found dressing mannequins and folding clothes at work therapeutic.

Maybe it was a fantastic combination of all of these extremely ordinary things that made this particular Monday so extraordinary.

Whatever the reason,
I'm going to finish this lovely day off with a relaxing bubble bath in our claw foot tub with you-know-who :)



  1. I want to see a picture of the tub. Without anyone in it.

  2. I agree with your mom! What happened to those photos of your 'mansion'?!

  3. matt clayton gave me your name as a referral for wedding photos...but the link to your photo blog isn't working for me, can you email me the URL? charkartch@gmail.com