Hello to all Claire's little blogging friends. (I have heard the term "blends" before, but I cannot get myself to use it. Same reason I must use correct punctuation whilst writing this.) This is Mama Thor, guest blogger. An honor, I am sure. As you know, Claire is on a self-imposed ban from blogging, stalking, peeking, etc. until she has completed the following:

1. Get rid of Guido. He was uninvited and is unwelcome. I say pfffttt to Guido. I tried to insert a picture of a kidney stone so you could all gasp and say, "I had NO idea! That poor, poor dear wisp of girl! The injustice! The suffering!" but my efforts were futile. Just imagine a gravel looking bit with hooked barbs. Yep. It's as bad as you are picturing. Just one of the many sad traits I passed along: kidney stones, flat chest, poor math and reasoning skills. BUT in my defense, exquisite taste in shoes!

2. Has her yard sale this Saturday. All are welcome. Bring a guest. No cover charge. Must leave with at least one unneeded, unnecessary item. I can help with that.

3. Catches up on a week's worth of missed school. Good luck with that, sweetie. If you need any help with music theory, I'm your woman. Beyond that, sorry.

4. Lets me reclaim her basement bedroom. Progress is underway as I type. I am envisioning a zen-type retreat.....oooommm. With a mini fridge. double oooommmmm.

In a week, after a visit to her urologist (what 20 year old has a urologist, for pity's sake?) it will be determined whether she will have another surgery or if the scalawag, Guido, is on his way out of Dodge. Or Claire. Preferably Claire.

Feel free to send a message her way. I will make sure she gets it. Unless she is already peeking.



  1. Mama Thor:
    Your post made me chuckle. :) I must agree that both you and Miss Claire have great taste in fashion.
    Secondly, what are the details on this yard sale? You can count on me to be there!

  2. Bravo! A very fine job of "guest blogging". You and your sweet Kitty are two peas-in-a-pod: cute, creative and clever. No one better suited to fill in for her than you.
    All our prayers are directed towards the demise of Guido and the success of Claire conquering everything he messed up.
    Love you both!