the time we honeymooned

like most my posts these days, this one is WAY past due. Seems like everything in my life got bigger (and better) once I got married. Better is always good. Things getting bigger, though, means more struggle with time management (my life's battle). I'm working a lot lately. Which, I'm extremely grateful for. I have two great jobs + photography hooplah on the side. I like being productive. BUT i'm dying to make my husband a home cooked meal. A real-mature-adult like one (meaning avoiding microwave and pre-packaged goods at all costs). He deserves it too.

I tell ya....

He makes me so happy that sometimes I cry just thinking about him.

Everyone says the honeymoon doesn't last. Well DUH. I'm pretty sure we realized we couldn't spend the rest of our lives in Cabo on the beach with no care for money. But the best part of the honeymoon is still going strong: I wake up to his dashing smile each morning, and he kisses my face off every night. What could be better?

The Honeymoon
4 days and 5 pints of haagen dazs ice-cream later we finally pulled out the camera...

We honeymooned in Cabo Mexico (THANK YOU ATKINS).
The highlights include:
*Taco stand tacos
*Full moons on the beach (ha...that sounds funny)
*getting eaten by waves
*searching for sea glass
*buying fabric at the local fabric store
*chit-chatting with the locals
*breakfast in bed EVERY morning
*room service


  1. That's what I love about being Mexican. Taco stand tacos ALL THE TIME. Nothing better.
    (especially compared to Taco Bell.. BLECH!!)

  2. you're so cute i can hardly stand it. so happy you're so happy.

  3. Thanks for sharing a little piece of your private time...it's like spying on someone! You'll be so happy you took pictures, I was in lala land on my honeymoon and didn't take out the camera hardly at all. You're beautiful and I Love you!

  4. Look lovely LITERALLY.

    ♥, mandy.

  5. this looks so great. love your suit and your bangs.