Going to see Mr. Dylan

Bob Dylan concert
tomorrow at Deer Valley!

We're going with Brandon's aunt Judy and uncle Carl.
{They're two of the most amazing people on the planet,
in case you didn't know.}

Bob has always been one of Brandon's favorites,
and I've developed quite an appreciation for the
man and his music since meeting Brandon.

Perhaps there will be a future post with written
and photographed documentation of our excursion...


Maybe you thought this post seemed a bit strange...
That's because this is Brandon speaking.
I tried to sound like her, but really, there's just not enough sunshine and sweet girly character in my prose.
Claire had only begun making this post when she suddenly realized she had to run out the door.
...So she left it up to me to finish it for her.
I hope that I've kept all you readers (at least somewhat) pacified for one day.
I'm at the in-laws' house right now. We're still working on getting internet in our own place...
Hopefully it all gets fixed soon so Claire can get this blog going again.

I do miss seeing it in all its usual glory...


  1. Ah, I am jealous. Have fun tonight, dearest friends.

  2. Brandon you did a great job haha! And I'm excited for you two! although you may have already gone to the concert. . . probably. i didn't check the date. Anyways, i hope you had fun :)