give away!

Last night I lay awake in bed.
I was tired (always am these days) but I was waiting for a good idea, you see.
They always come to me in the middle of the night.
So I had to wait.

I was thinking of school.
I had this excited feeling growing inside of me.
Excited because this is likely to be the best school year EVER!
I'm almost done jumping though hoops (aka: GEs)
And finally get to take the classes I want!

My schedule consists of 3 art classes, a sewing class, and a religion class.

I'm a happy girl :)

My mom gave me a new box of crayons the other day.
She does this every year because she knows how much I like a crisp new crayon. It's the same way with all my school supplies.
hah maybe it seems a bit silly but it's the "newness" of the school year that gets me all antsy with excitement!
New classes, new teachers, new challenges, new first impressions, new goals, new school clothes (maybe not this year...), new new new. I love it!

Kathleen Kelly (likely the best fictional character ever concocted) said it like this:

"Don't you just love...fall?
It makes me want to shop for back to school supplies.
I would send you a
bouquet of newly sharpened pencils
if I knew your name and address."

Thats when it hit me (my good idea that is). I'm going to do just that! Send one of you lovelies a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils along with some other essentials for school survival! This is my first ever give-away! And I'm all sorts of excited!

Here's how to enter to win a lovely bouquet of newly sharpened pencils and other such back to school essentials...

1. leave a comment for 1 entry
2. get another entry for being a follower! or become a new follower and get 1 entry! (please indicate in comment)
3. blog about this give-away on your blog and get 2 entries! (please link in comment)

The husband and I will randomly choose a winner on Saturday.

Won't this be fun?!!



  1. I absolutely love this idea :) I'm going back to BYU for my second semester, but everybody knows starting all over new can be wonderful. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  2. OOH! Claire, I am so excited now! I actually started school on Monday! I am at SUU and I love it! And I would love your school supply essentials! I hope I win!

  3. Hey Claire- I've been blog-stalking you for awhile now but I finally became a follower. Such a cute idea for a giveaway!

  4. claire what a cute giveaway! i love following your blog and you and your cute new husband are adorable!!!!!

  5. What a cute idea! I love You've Got Mail and I love this giveaway. So hi, I'm Hilary. Count me in. Oh, and I posted about it too.


    Thanks Claire!

  6. Oh by the way, I linked to you in my latest post.... http://katrina-whoosh.blogspot.com/2010/08/classes-oh-joy-of-such.html and I have been a follower for a while. I want to win! So badly...

  7. oh gosh claire please!! i need something like this for back to school. i have yet to get any supplies. and i still have a few ge's under my belt. this looks like it will be the trick to get me through! =]

  8. I love school supplies. Maybe the only reason I am going to be a teacher.

  9. "You've Got Mail," has been one of my favorite movies sense elementary school! Ha-ha, I am positive I have the whole thing memorized... What a great giveaway idea, especially with college starting up! Anyways, I’m a big fan! Xoxo-

  10. This is the cutest idea ever! I love school supplies! I may just be my favorite part of the new school year. And I would have to agree with you a box of fresh crayons is the BEST way to start off the new year!!

  11. Mrs. White!!
    What an awesome giveaway! No big deal but your blog is on my top sites Claire, I love everything you post! Who couldn't use some school supplies? I've kind of forgotten it starts on Monday!!

  12. good thing i love school supplies.
    good thing i am in school
    & good thing i love your blog.

  13. I have ALWAYS wanted some one to get a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils...I would love it!