Give-Away Update

So I've been working on this little give-away and thought I'd give you a sneak peak of how it's coming along!

So far it includes:
-10 newly sharpened pencils
-2 blue pens
-1 red pen
-yellow sticky note pad
-post it page tabs
-assorted paperclips
-orbit gum (for the first impressions)
-soft lips chapstick (for the chapped fall lips)
-3 of my mother's homemade caramels (for snacks to sneak during class)
-a penny for your thoughts (for thinking...hehe)

If you are interested in winning this little school starter kit go here!

(it's rare we thorley girls find ourselves in the same room, so I had to take a pic! Is it not sooo obvious we are related?! The chins, the cheeks, the thin upper lip! We bare it all proudly :)

1 comment:

  1. Cute family! I wish I was going to school so I could enter for the giveaway. But alas... I would have no use for it (at least not as much as a student might, anyway..).

    Have a wonderful day, dear Claire. :)