hello dear friends!

I'm home!
I'm healthy!
I'm a married woman!

June 25th, 2010 will surely go down as the happiest day of my life.

The wedding was better than I could have ever dreamed! Mostly because I never dreamed up a man so amazing as my husband.


(gosh that feels so good to say!)

I have so much to say/share/blog but I'm afraid our little mansion doesn't have internet yet.
(i hope)

speaking of our little mansion: we are head-over-hills in love with our 400 square foot love shack under the stairs. I can't wait to show you pictures! Thanks to Husband, and both sets of parents, we now have a beautiful home :)

Happy Fourth!
I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! Brandon and I flew home from mexico (where we honeymooned hehehe) on the third. Met up with my family at the usual spot and watched the fireworks and ate good food :) Sunday (the real fourth) was lovely as all sundays are. Monday, the fifth, I woke up earlier than i have in weeks (earlier than my wedding day!) to run a 5k with my dad and cousins. It about killed me. And possibly shook up another kidneystone (eek). That evening was spent with my new family making our own little firework show. All in all it was a lovely holiday. It always has been my favorite :)

honeymooning and holidays are over.
The Mr. and I are back to work.
the real world.
pinching pennies.

normally I'd say "bleh" to all this.
but being married to my love makes those "bleh" bits of life less "bleh".

that man...
he's so good to me.

And guess what?! He turns 23 tomorrow!
I have all sorts of surprises in store for him :)
starting with breakfast in bed.
(which he's done for me every day since we've been married!! EVERY DAY! gee i'm spoiled.)

a friend told me today that when I married Brandon I broke a hundred girls hearts.

I don't doubt it one second.

he's so amazing!

I've got to go wrap presents!

the Mrs

**photo thanks to Virginia!


  1. dear Mrs. White,
    please post more photos,

    Love Mrs. Bruton

  2. Congrats Claire!
    I agree, more photos please