what moms are for #1

get ready for a whole bunch of run-of-the-mill-cliches.

but mind you, I mean them with all of my heart.

My mother is my hero. She's been my best friend for years. My shoulder to cry on. My advice specialist. My therapist. My PB&J sandwich maker (everyday for 12 school years), my source of knowledge, my source of know-how, my #1 source. I love her so much. She does so much for me. Sacrifices time, hobbies, sleep, LIFE and always puts me first. She's the most talented person I know. She can do (and does do) just about everything. She could be anything she wanted. But she chose to be a mother. To be my mother. And being my mother requires a lot. She'll be staying up late helping me finish a project I shouldn't have procrastinated on, or helping me clean my filthy apartment so I won't fail my cleaning check and I'll say to her "Mom, I don't think I can be like you when I grow up. I'm too selfish." and she'll respond, "Oh yes you will. It's what mom's are for."

So I bring you a little Ode to Mother series of What Moms are For.

#1 moms are for helping you stamp a never ending pile of wedding announcement envelopes at 1 in the morning.

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