Jamyn & Preston + the Wedding Party

I loved being at this wedding! Waiting outside the temple was a blast, both Jamyn and Preston had tons of family waiting to greet them.

It really was a party!


  1. Shut up right now. I am SOOO glad you took these!! Were you their photographer?! These pics are BEAUTIFUL!! You are so talented. I have been looking on fbook everyday for someone to post pics from their wedding! haha. I just love my Jamyn and miss her and was so sad I couldnt go. She looked AMAZING! Of course. Awwww, thank you SO much for these pics. They made my day.

  2. Claire...
    First of all i miss you oh so so much! I feel like I just upped and left! Well no i don't just feel like that because that is what really happened and I'm so sorry. I'm even more sorry that i'm writing you on your blog but this is like the only form of communication i have. But anyways i was having Claire withdrawals so i had to check your blog and now i'm just amazed at how beautiful your photography is. You are incredible. period. I love every picture you take. But i love you even more. You are beautiful and lovely in every way and i feel so lucky to be your friend. i hope all of the wedding planning is going well and life is not too stressful. I'm sorry for being the worst bridesmaid ever and leaving you to fend for yourself. But i can't wait to see you. We are all just marveling at your skill and talent here in london. Love you love you love you.. Thank you for your beautiful pictures once again. they make me want to cry. Love you!