S.B.S. episode #3: better than words

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE words. But I can't always find a word to say what I feel. I can, however, find pictures and art that define my exact emotion. I just spent an hour, searching images on google. Todays search included:




Like I said, not so good with the words. So if you are looking at these wondering what emotions I could possibly be feeling...welp....thats just the beauty of art. Say a word and it's definition is clear. Show a painting and it's interpretation is endless.

I've always loved art. My parents caught on to this early in my life and supported me with all sorts of pencils, paints, pastels and canvases. They praised my work, hung it in frames (that still hang in our house) art was my thing. I miss it now. I don't really have a "thing" anymore. I'm just Claire. Which i'm happy to be. But sometimes I feel like the artist inside me has been repressed for so long, she just might disappear. I get little fixes every once in a while. Like photography. Or sketching my professors as they lecture. Or just appreciating art. Sometimes I just stare at people. Look at the unique structure of their face and think "wow, that's art at it's truest form." Or, I could spend hours in a museum. I even volunteered as a docent at BYU's MOA (museum of art). I hope someday I have the time and opportunity to do that again. For now, my indulgence is limited to google image search.

for a girl who doesn't really like words....I sure talk a lot huh?....


  1. I've always loved art too! The same goes for music, at a very young age, I remember crying because something I saw/heard was so beautiful to me.

    I still love picasso's blue period and artwork by egon schiele.

  2. and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. One of my favs. :)

  3. claire maybe this isn't your kind of art but it's MY kind of art because it instigates such a great story. george tooker is the artist's name. so cool!