oh please oh please oh please!

this lovely photographer is giving away a free bridal session!
(how fitting right...since...well...I'm getting married and all)

I kinda maybe sorta follow {stalk} her blog.
I've been a big time lover, long time supporter {stalker} of her work and would feel oh-so-utterly-cool if I won!

reasons why I think I should win
(does that sound so vain? bridezilla here I come...)

1. I never win anything (besides you my sweet Brandon. You make me feel like a winner :)
2. I LOVE her work!
3. I still haven't figured bridals out yet! {and my mother keeps losing sleep over it}
4. I've secretly wanted to be friends with her for a very long time.
{and what better way to become the best of friends right?! right, I thought so too}

I think what I love most about her work is how clean it all looks. (you'll know what I mean by "clean" when you see it). It's artsy but not too trendy. (something most photographers fall victim to: the TOO trendy) It looks fresh! And clean! (there i go with the clean again...can't think of a better word...)

Well I'm crossing all fingers and toes that I win. And I wish you guys could all vote for me. But alas, all I can ask of you is that you too cross your fingers for me :) And make sure you check out her lovely work


and I'm madly in love with this bridal shoot
and her creative head shots here and here.

Oh and coincidentally her hubby does music! He sings in a band called Parlor Hawk, formerly MOSES (check him out here). So naturally, being a music hipster, B knows him. We've been to a few of his shows and I actually met Elise Lauren in REAL LIFE! {when these "out-of-blogging-world" meets take place...it's super cool but also weird. Meaning I was weird and bashful. And she was so totally cool.


I really want to win.

that is all.

*please don't take note of the time this was posted...I've found my most productive wedding planning time takes place when I should be getting sleep....


  1. ps... I totally highly recommend having Brandon be part of your bridals. I know it might be anti-traditional and breaking all the rules seeing the bride before the wedding, etc... but it was one of the best wedding-picture-decisions we made! The weather on our wedding day was absolutely terrible... if Jon wouldn't have taken my bridals with me, we would have had maybe 5 (and that's pushing it) good wedding shots. Total.

    So... just a thought.

    And pps... having him do bridals with you doesn't mean you can't take some of just you. Cause you should for sure. You'll be way too gorgeous of a bride not to!

  2. I agree... even if you decide to do some of you & Brandon after the wedding just so you can keep tradition. My husband & I have ended up doing a few bridal/groomal shoots that way. :)

  3. I went on Elise Lauren page and if we leave a comment about Claire on her post about the free give away then Claire will get more points/entries and hopefully win!!! So maybe go check it out and leave a comment about Claire!
    Hope you win!!!!

  4. you are the greatest! haha! if i have it right, you have 10 entries so far. the most some people have are 5. it's amazing! you are most likely going to win.

    and thanks for your kind words! you really made my day.