So I've finally got my photo blog up and running (sorta) right now it only features my work with graduating seniors and portrait shots. Why? Because I'm doing a special on Sr. Photo shoots!

All shoots include
  • 1 hr. shoot
  • CD of all edited images
  • wardrobe/prop assistance (optional)
  • hair/makeup (optional)
  • $50!
  • I repeat FIFTY DOLLARS!
  • just try and find a better deal. I double dog dare ya!
So...on top of it all...I just might maybe be doing a sr. photo shoot giveaway!
(my FIRST giveaway! yay!)

and then I'll probably get addicted. and do them all the time....but we'll start with just one. sound good?! yay! now tell all your friends/graduating seniors!

You can look at all my photo work on this blog by clicking here.

Or, if you are tired of me talking, check out my featured Senior work on my new photo blog here.
(seriously, I don't say a word on this blog. The photos do all the talking)

*details on the actual give-away to come soon so stay tuned!


  1. these are lovely, friend! glad you are doing this. your work is quite good!

  2. Claire, don't know if this is quite your style or not but I thought I would pass it on just in case. There is a giveaway for a cute camera bag on CJane's Guide to Provo blog: http://www.cjaneprovo.com/2010/03/all-shooting-laides-put-your-hands-up.html

    ps. I love your work. Someday we will get you to take some pictures of our family.

  3. how bout you do a family or baby shoot give-away....
    that seems to apply to me a bit more :)

    ps... I know a really cute baby and family (ahem, namely us) that would make a very good addition to any photo portfolio :)