{do I sound like a broken record?}

oh please oh please oh please!!

dear friends of the blogging world. Remember how I raved about the lovely photographer Elise here? Well I'm back at it again! Her bridal giveaway ends on the 18th! So make sure you mosey on over to her blog and comment! (your comment acts like a vote for me! so make sure you refer to me!) And you really should follow her blog. She's constantly updating with beautiful images. (if you are a new follower say it in your comment and it acts like yet another vote!) YOU really can help me win!

(and I really really really want to win...)

oh please oh please oh please oh please!

YOU helping me win is
just a click and a comment away!
{said in informercial voice}


  1. i did it. i think you're gonna win. there are a lot of comments from other people suggesting other people, but they're all different. there are about seven or eight for you so far i think. good luck hun!