Brandon bloglarizes Claire's account and posts something...

The Poem I Cannot Write

Words may suffice--
For most things.
But I cannot create her in words.
Suddenly, a language so vast
Seems so small.
The words that fill thousands of books
Now cannot fill this page.
They cannot write her.
They cannot describe her.
No, I cannot create her in words.
What language is spoken in the heavens?
I cannot recall it.
I cannot speak it.
I cannot write it.
But I heard it once.
It was on the day I found her.
It was spoken in her face.
And dead to the ear,
But echoing,
Dancing in my soul.
A note of love from God
Embodied in a woman.
My words made this mess
In which she does not fit.
But for now it will suffice.
For her, there is no song, no poem.
She is the poem.
She is the poem I cannot write.
I love you, my Claire.
[Actually posted by Brandon]