S.B.S. episode #2: The Kissing Kit

I really Shoulda Been Studying...

but I was distracted by this laying on my bed.

It's a be-lated Christmas gift from Kait.
The note reads:

Seriously...can't think of a more thoughtful gift,
or a more clever girl.
she cracks me up.
(she really needs to write a children's book)

I thought it went nicely with La's gift
(a little shine to catch their eye)

and my gift
(this yummy fragrance to draw them in)

and now thanks to Kait
(the "ah-ha" that'll keep them coming back!)

it's seems to be working so far...

{wink wink}

*I promise, I'm no spokesman for these products.
Just a spokesman for good results due to good hygiene.

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