healthy smealthy

It's that time of the year. When everyone goes out and buys new running shoes, gets gym passes, buys those quick fix diet books/videos blah blah blah. Workout? My daily workout is my walk to campus. I am satisfied with that. But something I could do better at is watching what I eat. NOT for my weight, but for my overall health. I really do feel better when I eat better. And for the most part, I like healthy foods. But a busy, poor, college student like me doesn't have the time, or money to put into totally nutritious meals 3x a day.

so... the hot items on my daily menu usually include:
  • string cheese
  • cheese suprise (string cheese wrapped in tortilla, microwave 55 seconds.)
  • pasta
  • cup-o-noodles
  • "red ants on a leaf" (similar to "ants on a log" idea, except replace raisins with craisins and the celery stick with pretzels) {it's a roommate favorite}
  • leftover christmas countdown chocolates
  • and of course chocolate chip or sugar cookies brought by one of the following: hometeachers/ visiting teachers/ relief society/ current boy trying to win over a roommate. cookies are always in stock.
{not completely unhealthy, but certainly not nutritious}

so I'm on the hunt for quick, cheap, healthy foods! but most importantly it must taste good!
unlike this little fix:

I had a sip today and just about died. It's terrible. But good for you?! (I'll never understand how that works)
B guzzles it down.
he's such a health nut.

I prefer this yummy drink, same color, still healthy, sooooo much yummier!

Since I know everyone out there {and their dog} have made new resolutions to improve their health in one way or another, I figured you might have some tips. So please share! Remember, we are looking for healthy {and yummy!!!} ways to "treat" our bodies. Post any tips below! Thanks!

I'm very much aware that my bangs could use a good trim. They are going through the awkward "Cousin It" stage. Please don't make fun. :(


  1. 1. Whole grains!
    2. More protein
    3. Fatty foods make you feel fuller. Don't eat a bunch of it, but enough to make you feel fuller, longer. Switch cheese in your sammich to avocado. or eat nuts.

  2. Come home to mommy one of these Saturdays and we will grill up massive amount o' chicken breast for you to put in your tortillas (with the avocados!), stir into your pasta, and numerous other delights. I like Angie's suggestions very much. Cottage cheese is a great protein but might churn your lil tum!

  3. hahahaha, I loved this. Me too. I feel like I skip meals all the time and just drink coffee and then I wonder why I feel sick.

    I loved Trader Joe's! Best place to find cheap/healthy food in the world.

  4. that's *love trader joes. present tense.

  5. String cheese in the microwave about 22-25 seconds (depends on the microwave) them immediately taken out and wrapped in turkey (thinly sliced)

    haha i know its not healthy but i think you will like this if you like the string cheese in a tortilla.this is what i eat on a regular bases and its a roommate favorite haha.
    its a must try!

  6. I know it's like, old hat, but Derek and I NEVER have time to eat 3 good meals. So, at the beginning of the month, we get baby carrots, chop up celery, & whatever veggies we feel like, and keep a gallon ziploc in the fridge. Easy stuff to grab in the morning to snack on! (and good!)

  7. i'm loving all the tips! surely will have to try string cheese in the turkey wrap trick (from madi) and I certainly need more protein in my diet. and whole grains! maybe i could switch my lovely bleached wonderbread for a more hearty whole grain...?

    keep the tips coming!

    oh and I just thought of another favorite treat of mine! Edday mammaes (ok...so thats totally spelt wrong. i just call them eddy mommas. they are soybeans; buy them frozen at costco. Perfect protein fix!!)

  8. Ha, I was totally just going to tell you about Costco's edamame (sp?). My FAVORITE! :)