The Atkin Family

These people, are some of the best of the best people I know. We've been family friends for what feels like forever, and I can honestly say I don't know a more generous people. It was so much fun photographing them on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It felt especially patriotic because Evan (far left, and new hubby to Angie, second to left) devotes his life to serving our country. He's is Washington State and was lucky to come home for a few days before he gets shipped to Afghanistan.

Mark and Roma

The stunning Atkin sisters

{I used to babysit these two, now they are all grown up!}

Evan & Angie

Evan and Angie were married last fall. I can't imagine the patience both of them must have, especially as newlyweds, to be so far apart at the beginning of their life together. But I'm so deeply grateful for Evan, for making that sacrifice and for Angie, for supporting him 110% so that I can enjoy freedoms everyday.




"Dear Lord, when he's in a foreign land,
keep him safe in your loving hand.
And Lord, when duty is in the field,
please protect him and be his shield.
And Lord, when deployment is so long,
please stay with me and keep me strong.

(I stole this from Angie's Facebook, It is so beautiful)


  1. Is Kayla the one that came to the reunion with Carm? If so, I am very proud of myself and my mad recognizing/remembering skillz. Oh, and is this the amazing Roma that I'm ALWAYS hearing about through your mutter?

  2. to auntie Juana:

    yes to the amazing roma. no to the kayla, but good guess!!

    gosh i wish i had an excuse to come visit you....

  3. Claire, You are such an amazing girl! Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures! We have had sooo much feedback on our pictures, and all of it positive!
    You are blessed with amazing talents in so many areas. Thanks for blessing our lives with them!
    Much love, Roma and Fam:)