I spent Saturday Morning with the lovely bride-to-be: Samatha, her wonderful ingenious wedding planner mother, and her sisters Jen and Chelsea. We had so much fun freezing our tooshies off and admiring Sam as she managed to pose so lovely and composed despite the fact she was Turning Blue!

She is a princess is she not?!

Love for blurs continues: (personal favorite)

beauty is in their blood

*I love her cape (her mother made + the bouquet + veil and dress details. wow right?),
it reminds me of Belle.

*have a favorite?! Let Sam and I know, post your comment below!

P.S. see Sam & Greg's engagements Here
P.P.S. see lovely sister Jen's Bridals Here


  1. I love the one where she is on the right with the cap on and the edges of the pic are blurred. Very romanticey. Nice job, Kitty!

  2. They took my breath away!! Beautiful!!

  3. So Claire, I love Sam! Funny that we both know her! She is gorgeous, and by the way, you are one talented girl! Maybe when the day comes that I decide to get hitched (if it ever does. Haha) you can take my pictures :)

    P.S. This is Kaitlyn Averett. Hopefully you still remember me :)

  4. What CAN"T you do????? I have yet to figure that out! You are a very gifted girl, but more than that you are one of the nicest and most genuine people I know! I happen to love you!!

  5. Love them Claire!! SOOO gorgeous! I can't wait to see them all! But I think my very favorite is the one of her walking through the trees...the sepia tones make her POP and look so gorgous. mmm

    and yes...Sam is a princess. :)

  6. pretty pretty girly girly! great job! i like the blurred one too!

  7. OH MY GORGEOUSNESS! Sam! You are so beautiful! Great Job Claire!

    PS: I have ALWAYS wanted a cape thing like that!

  8. We love you Claire!!! YOu take my beauties and show the world!!!! - One proud MAMA!!

    My favorite... HMMMM the walk through the quakies or the "outstanding" in the field :) hard to decide!!

  9. I like the close up ones best. It shows her personality, how beautiful she is, and especially how very very happy she is. I have a hard time choosing between the 1st one and the 10th one down.