note: these are not engagements!

I repeat: these are NOT engagements.

(oh how I fear the rumors will fly...)

In fact, they are rather the opposite, they are "friendship photos". (Or at least that what Matt decided to call them.) He needed a "mock couple". we were up for the challenge.

Let me tell you about Matt Clayton. He's a photographer. And an amazing one at that. I've been sufficiently stalking his blog for about a year now. Low and behold Brandon had a connection to him somehow and i think it's fair to now say i'm friends with the infamous Mr. Matt Clayton. (that sounds so much better than being a stalker). And anyone who knows anything about local photographers realizes how really extremely cool that is.

I’m bragging.

I’ll stop

After I say this:

What I love most about Matt’s work is he captures sneaks and peeks of the real you, not just a picture of your face. Let me explain, I don’t enjoy myself in pictures, which is why I’m 99% of the time behind the camera, not in front of it. I’ve never felt like pictures capture me. My personality etc. and frankly I just don’t like the way I look in them.

Well let me tell you what. If Matt followed me around with a camera I would gladly stand in front of it.

I feel pretty in these pictures.

I feel like me.

To be able to capture that?! I thought it would be an impossibly feat.

Dear Mr. Mathew,

Brandon and I had a swell time in the “friendship photo” shoot. And I especially had fun talking photo lingo with ya. Thanks for making me feel so pretty! And I guess Brandon looks ok too… (tee heheh). I really do admire your work oh-so-much and I’m so glad you’ve overlooked the creepy stalker bit in our relationship and accept me as a friend J when I grow up, I want to be a photographer just like you!



I full-heartedly recommend Matt to anyone who’s looking for

  • family portraits
  • engagements
  • even friendship photos :)

Check out his website here

and his awesome blog here

and 21st & Ivy too