A healthy habit

On one of my mothers and my recent thrifty ventures, we decided to stop at Sees candies to sample the goodness.  (we never just sample.  We always leave with a one pounder).

Maybe I’ve just been lucky the past 100 times I’ve been there, because they’ve always let me choose my free-bee chocolate. 

Nay nay.  This was not the case.  Not this time.

Instead, the jolly worker gave us a choice between a dark chocolate nut cluster or a cherry cream yucky thing. 

Thanks….but no thanks.

And then (get ready, this is the best part) the jolly worker’s good chum (a regular customer) came in and she gave her “the usual”.  She had this lady’s favorite chocolates memorized.  And when the “good chum” couldn’t choose between the two well…the jolly worker let her have them both. 

What kind of unjust world do we live in?!

My mother and I slumped out of Sees sad and empty handed.

We would rather take our business elsewhere. So we did.  On another day.  To a different Sees Candies where we sampled the goodness and walked away with a pound of Key-lime truffles, butterscotch squares, and other such treasures.

maybe yucky cherry cluster aint so yucky?! 
nope. it's yuck.

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