a lovely sound

so the other night I went to a local show to see this dashing young man.

his name: Brandon White
his game: music

I would call his sound a mix between Johnny Cash and Rocky Votoloto 

(the beautiful girl singing with him is Katie Brandeburg, her voice is like honey and his melts my butter.  what a combo....)

yes...I'm still learning about henry (my camera) and he's still beating me in the game of wits.  I will say it is rather humbling to have an inanimate object out smart you.

I love it when my mistakes and lack of knowledge produce an interesting picture: 

If I were some tech savvy gal i'd post all sorts of links so you all could listen to their wonderful work!  But I'm not that girl, so you'll have to do a tad bit of work.  sorry!  but it's worth it!  google them, myspace them, stalk their facebooks.  their lovely music will not disappoint :)

Brandon Scott White
Katie Brandeburg

(and yes, thats a harmonica he's a-playin. harmonicas, so hot these days...)

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