The Ranch

This is what I saw at 5 am. 


  1. oh claire.. your photography is so beautiful just like you :D i totally miss you! I hope all is well! i love how i can see what you are up to through this blog! much <3!!

  2. You really captured the beauty there. I didn't know you were a photographer...you are really good! Thanks for being so great with the kids, especially the girls, Kenna has talked about you ever since we left, you have a special place in her heart and mine. I have a blog to, send me your email and I'll add send you an invite. stephylovespink@hotmail.com

  3. so gorgeous Claire...love it.

  4. So. Here I am finally catching up to your blog which I didn't know existed... how is that??? .. and am just wondering how it is that you have become so lovely, right under my nose as it seems, and yet I have not stopped to notice! I just love you and all your talentedness!

    So Rach and I were talking today and I said 'hey rach, we should fly Claire out to take your Senior Pictures' and she was all 'YES YES YES!!!!' so it's settled then. I'm going to fly you out sometime to take Rachel's Senior pictures.

    She is coming out to tour the Y with your uncle R at Y Homecoming time and I thought that would be a time you could do it as well, but still, wouldn't it be fun to come here and do it. Bring Carm and she can be a photo stylist. Bring your mom and she can be my stylist.

    Wouldn't that be grand?