After a wonderful start to my day with shae and a successful shoot, I happened upon a very unfortunate event called:

getting my car towed.
by the very un-agreeable mr Ryan the towman.

i'm a good girl I am....so of course i wasn't breaking the law.  the whole thing was a huge misunderstanding that unfortunately hasn't turned in my favor....yet.

but even after my crying, pleading, and every classic trick in the book, he wouldn't budge.  I made quite the scene though.  Every car that drove by slowed down enough to get a look at my pathetic face.  But a sweet old lady drove by and actually chewed him out for making me cry.  

Dear lady, 

if i knew your name and your address i'd send you a very sincere thank you card.

oh I almost forgot: Ryan was oh-so-kind and instead of taking my car to the tow shop he charged me only SEVENTY DOLLARS to drop it right then and there. 

What a saint

Dear Ryan,
This is not the end.
And my statement remains the same: yes you are just "doing your job" but I think it's a pretty crummy job


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  1. Man, Mr. Ryan the Towman must be very unagreeable indeed. I think seeing you cry would work very well on me. Of course, being a towman he probably gets it all the time. It's possibly time for a new manipulative trick Kitty.