I love this day.
It started out with this:

(we ran the 10k! and I just about died…both brother and dad kicked my sorry behind.  Ps thanks Em for not letting me give up!  Hope I didn’t slow you down)
and it ended with a bunch of booms and bright colors AKA: stadium of FIRE!
My adorable sister sang in the Stadium Choir so for the first time in years, my family decided to go to the Stadium of Fire!  I’d been the last couple years with friends and have always loved it but something was different this year.  Yeah I loved SheDaisy and the Jonas Brothers and of course those sweet jets that fly above etc etc.  but there was just a different feeling. 
Patriotism.  I felt it, did you? 
A couple minutes in I turned to my mother, and sure enough, she and I had twinner tears in our eyes.  Maybe it was the way they focused on the flag.  Or maybe it was seeing all the soldiers sitting with their families on the field, and thinking of the thousands still out there.  Or maybe it was the little 2 year old in front of us rocking out to those 3 brothers. 
Or maybe it was all of it.  Maybe it was reminding me of how lucky I am.
Lucky because I live and breath American air every day, while some people dream their whole lives of that feeling.
Glen Beck (the host) said something that stuck with me.  He said (not a direct quote) the flag is only what we make it, and it stands for everything we hope it to be. 
We are blessed.  To have families.  To have religion.  To have a voice that is respected and heard. 
Imagine never opening your mouth in fear you wouldn’t be respected. 
Imagine never breathing in this freedom.
God bless the USA

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