here has been a lot of different places for me. Here was an early attempt at identity, an imitation of another life. Here was the hidden place where I left my twitter-pated secrets, hoping they'd be found. Here is where I tried on a lot of different faces. And here was where I took them all off. And then I haven't been here for a while. I've been elsewhere. I've been consumed. I've been distracted. And I wasn't here because in my blind distraction, I blamed here to be the biggest distraction of all. How silly. How I've needed here.

I'm here now.


  1. We have been here. Waiting.

  2. mouth watering words claire. write more!

  3. I was honestly horrified this was going to be your, "I'm ending this blog" post. I would have been so sad. Yours has been my very favorite for several years. Looking forward to more.