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Spending our fourth anniversary in Paris was a big "pinch me" moment. All of Paris was. But that first day was especially great. We ate too many crepes to count (at least four, y'know, one for each year of marriage), Brando navigated the city so well, we visited Sainte Chapelle at the perfect time of day, I'll never forget the feeling of being there, it was one of those moments you didn't want to take a photo of, too special. We walked everywhere. Paris is for walking, we decided. We only rode the metro once, to visit Versailles. I've never seen Brando more in his element than in Paris! He was made for Paris. We'd walk around and he'd educate me on architecture and the French revolution and all sorts of things. It may sound cliché (or just really naive) but I never expected to learn so much from him. I think that's what this year has been for me. Love-year-three was rough. We made a lot of mistakes and it took time for both of us to heal. By design, I'm a driver-seat kind of person. But this last year I found myself needing to let Brando take the wheel. At first, it wasn't easy. But through the process I've realized how good of a driver he is, and how much more I can process when I take the passenger seat.  How much more I can breathe. I'll love him forever, for that alone.

Only a few eye-rolls took place while locking our love on the Bridge. I mean, who needs that symbolic mumbo jumbo? ;) But I loved it.


  1. Your photos and words are beautiful. I've always wanted to do something like this.


  2. Wish I had been there! But that would have sort of spoiled the whole love theme, I guess...❤️❤️ you both and miss you!

  3. I am SO happy you went to Sainte Chapelle. It is the most magical place in Paris for me. It's not one of the more popular places, I don't understand why... but I love it.

  4. How awesome and romantic and fun. Love your outfit and the photos.

  5. how fun to spend your anniversary in paris! paris is always so dreamy, i can't believe it's some peoples real life! & you are adorable, i love your top :)

  6. i love this. happy anniversary!